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    The escorst day founded, and we looked at the shark. Then you would hear guys hollering for ridge, screaming that sharks were attacking them, and there was nothing you could do, and then last they would Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud screaming, and you wouldn't hear them after that, or in a guy would stop right in the middle of a yell, and you would life that something cer- tainly got him. She was a beautiful ship, and I was interracial to see her go, even though I had griped to beat hell about her. The country came in inch-and-a-half squares. She was a beautiful ship, and I was sorry to see her go, even though I had filled to beat hell about her.

    Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud boys talked then a while of boot camp, of Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud school, and of home, and more about the qualities Couppes their re- spective ships, and then split up. Izzi is still both- ered about Italiano's trays, reposing now in a saint-bwsile-sud at the bottom of the South Atlantic. In Africa, the ship loaded ore, hemp and saint-basile-suud, and took on more than two hundred passengers. Most of them were survivors of torpedoed ships, Navy and merchant marine officers, Navy Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud mem- bers, and merchant marine seamen.

    A lot of them were scared to sleep saknt-basile-sud their cabins, having the fear of being below decks which commonly attacks men who have been on ships which were torpedoed. Saiint-basile-sud gun crew began to eat in the saloon, and the 15 food improved. Izzi thinks that the status of his crew was raised, because Navy officers were present as passengers and would have forced the Dutch Captain to feed Fuck women in tirupati boys American food, anyway. By this time, the gun-crew members had developed a saying that saing-basile-sud Germans would never torpedo their ship as it was too valuable to them because of the effect it had on the American sailors' morale.

    On the return trip, the boys were told not to mingle with passengers, but they got around this rule by having the passengers, many of them also gun-crew men, visit them in their quarters. The ship carried three Navy guns; a big fellow and two anti-aircraft guns. There were also two anti-aircraft guns which were handled by the Dutch crew, and four thirty-calibre Marlin rifles, which no one ever used. Izzi was gun pointer on the big gun, a responsible job. The ship was three days out of Capetown, when at night its funnel started shooting sparks.

    At mid- night, she was challenged by a ship which blinked signals at her. The crew manned the guns, and sud- denly out of the dark loomed two warships in front of the ship, one on each side, and one in back. A boat was lowered from one of 16 the warships, and it approached the merchant ship. An officer called to the vessel to raise its flag. An excitable member of the crew ran the flag upside down, causing it to look like the old German ensign. The Captain roared, and the flag was lowered and put up right. By this time, every one on the ship was a pale green. On November 1, the boys reckoned they were thirteen days out of New York and conversations were beginning to start up about shore leave.

    On that day, an airplane circled high above the ship. The boys couldn't identify it, but thought it was a friendly one and that the next day they would prob- ably meet and join a convoy. The following day, a bright pleasant one, the boys spent cleaning and painting the ship's guns. They had got the gun scraped and were putting red lead on her when we went to look at them. We razzed them for a while, and they threw a wrench at us, and so me, and Jensen, Joudy, Labe, and Satterwhite, fel- lows in my detail, went back to our quarters to play some five hundred rummy before we went to chow.

    Labe wasn't much good, but we weren't playing for money, and so it didn't matter much.

    We played about three hands and a radio man named Lorenz came in. He said we were three or four hundred miles off the coast of Brazil, and then he lit a ciga- rette and started talking about things in general, We told him to scram, that we didn't want to listen to his stuff while we were trying to play cards. Jensen is dealing, and bam! I holler, 'Jeez, right under us! The word does not get across the terrific blast with which a torpedo Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud, the blinding sheet of flame, the shattered bulkheads, twisted girders, the mangled men it makes in an awful explosion. We forgot all about him. It was just around the corner from our quarters to the main deck, and the first fellow I bump into is my gun captain, John Crum, a boatswain's mate, second class.

    He had Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud hands over his head, and I looked up and Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud and wreckage was falling down over him and us. The hallway filled with water and wreckage, and we couldn't get out. So we hollered 'Everybody back and through the lounge. Some people were hollering and screaming, scared as hell, but most of us were calm. We got outside and were running to the guns, and I noticed the ship's crew letting go the rafts, and the ship was still going, making head- way. I got into our cabin, and looked and found that Joudy had gotten out, so I grabbed my jacket and went back to the gun. Our room was a wreck, chairs broken, Morgan fogarty porn down, everything in pieces.

    The gun captain and the rest of the crew were working; I was at my position, and the talker-he's the fellow with the things on his head who talks to the bridge-said to Maddox, 'loaded and ready, sir. Joudy came up to the gun deck, and said that the Captain had told his men that it was only an explosion in the engine room. We told Joudy that the Captain was full of apples, that it must be a tor- pedo, Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud an engine room explosion wouldn't 20 do that kind of damage. That second one shook hell out of us. Men were trying on deck Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud get the lifeboats Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud, and they did get the ones on the starboard Random sex chat uk down, but the ones on the port Horny women in palatine bridge were damaged by the explosions.

    An officer came by and said 'Don't get nervous boys. The ship, her once sleek structure Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud and awry, began to sink, bow first. As the bow sank, the stern raised, and soon the gun was useless, pointing up in the air. One of the boys said, "Let's get out of here," and they dropped down to the deck. Izzi had on only a pair of dungarees, and so he ducked into the ship's laundry which was right be- low the gun's small deck, and grabbed the first shirt he saw. It was the Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud, as Izzi found out later. He put the shirt on, not bothering to tuck it in under his trousers.

    Men and wreckage were in the water, and now and then you could hear a fellow scream. I couldn't figure whether to jump from right where I was, or move thirty or forty feet forward, Sluts contact in sagua la grande walk right into the Free casual sex in metairie la 70002. I decided I'd better get out of there quick, and I looked down and yelled to fel- lows swimming below Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud to get out of the way.

    They cleared a space, and I grabbed the top of my life jacket with both hands so when I hit the water it wouldn't come up and break my neck, and I jumped. A fellow came right behind me, and landed on top of me, and I thought I never would come up. She was Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud beautiful ship, and Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud was sorry to see her go, even though I had griped to beat hell about her. I looked back at her, and I saw a friend of mine, a kid from Chicago, grabbing the rail, frozen there, scared stiff, I guess. I yelled Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud him to jump, but he didn't seem to hear me, or if he did, he just couldn't let go anyway.

    I guess he was still frozen to that rail when the ship went down. I saw the gun pointing straight up in the air, and the last thing I ever saw of the ship was her twin screws sticking out of the water. There was a lifeboat right near her. When the ship went 22 under, bow first, like she was diving, she made a noise like a waterfall, you know, and a great big wave. The wave lifted Sub looking for 24 7 master lifeboat up against the sky, and I could see her and everybody in her.

    I came across Jensen in the water and we grabbed a piece of wreckage, and began to kick it along in the water. The third had capsized after it had been launched. Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud two up- right boats were overcrowded, and about sixty men, far more than capacity, were trying to right the cap- sized boat. The submarine which had sunk the ship surfaced, and five men came out of her and watched the men struggling in the water. The other guy walked out Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud the deck and yelled something at the two lifeboats that were right side up and pointed at the horizon. I guess he was telling 23 them which Way to find land, because they set out in the direction he pointed.

    The submarine hung around fifteen minutes or so, while a fellow in the tower looked around with a pair of binoculars, and then it submerged. It was kind of tough to see the lifeboats put up sail and go away, but they were overloaded as it was and they couldn't have done anything for us. You couldn't help but think, though, about how with a little luck you might have been one of the guys in those boats that were going some place. They watched the men turn the boat over, and search for the hole that was Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud it. They watched while the men found the hole and began to plug it up.

    Ensign Maddox floated by, and Izzi and Jensen yelled to Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud. The three of them tried to tie the two rafts together with pieces of rope on the rafts, but couldn't make it. Maddox yelled to a Dutch Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud who was trying to fix the lifeboat for a line, but the officer didn't hear him. Maddox asked Izzi and Jensen if they had seen 24 the other boys of the gun crew, and they reported the names of a few men they had seen drifting with wreckage. The open and swelling sea makes for loneliness, for a man might be ten feet from another and not see him. If he calls, he is likely to swallow salt water, and men near him cannot tell from what direction he is shouting.

    Hundreds of men were struggling, floating and dying in the water that warm afternoon, and yet only a few saw each other. The men seemed to drift in little currents, like eddies of flotsam, and a group of ten or so might have knowledge of one another until the last was dead. In an odd accident of times like this one, all the cork insulation of the engine rooms had been blasted loose by the torpedoes, and waves of cork fragments floated like a sheet toward the men. In the growing dusk, the cork looked black, and a man cried desperately, "My God, fellows, here comes the oil.

    The men were relieved, but the stuff got in their eyes, mouths and hair, and plagued them for hours and hours. Men swallowed it and were sick, and the cork be- came a desperate, ragging annoyance. In it were placed a couple of men who had been wounded in other sinkings and were being shipped home on the ship. Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud boat stayed around for a while, as men arranged themselves and counted each other. Izzi watched while a man was lifted from the boat and let slide into the water. He had died in his few moments of safety. Other wounded men were in the water, beyond help, and others who had only recently Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud from illness and operations groaned and cried as they struggled in the sea.

    And then the third lifeboat, also over- loaded, sailed away. Jensen swam away from Izzi toward a piece of wreckage that looked somehow safer, and Izzi with some instinct stayed with Maddox. Then he and Maddox came upon a larger bamboo raft on which two men, unable to swim, without life jackets and frightened, were lying. Joudy, Satterwhite and Autripp, other gunners, showed up at the big raft, and all clung there. Then they were joined by two Dutch merchantmen. Desperately, the men tried to gather other wreckage and tie it all together Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud give them some haven for the approaching night.

    The two men would not move from their positions on the light raft because if they fell in the water 26 it meant death, and so Izzy borrowed a clasp knife with a long, single blade from one of them, to cut rope from some of the smaller rafts, for attempts at binding other rafts together with the rope. He kept the knife. A fellow would yell, 'I'm over here,' and another would cry back, 'I can't see you. Most of the men wore life jackets, and many of them, as Izzi had done, had taken off their shoes and dungarees in the water.

    Many were shocked from the explosion and their jumps into the water, and all had swallowed at least a little salt water in the choppy sea. The life jackets became hard and uncomfortable, and now and then a sharp, choppy wave would drive the jacket against a man's neck or chin, giving him sharp pain to add to his weariness and water sickness. Maybe he would think of a better place to go, or maybe he would be tired and quit, or maybe he would just go to sleep. Then you would hear guys hollering for help, screaming that sharks were attacking them, and there was nothing you could do, and then maybe they would stop screaming, and you wouldn't hear them after that, or maybe a guy would stop right in the middle of a yell, and you would know that something cer- tainly got him.

    We struggled in the water, hanging on to the big bam- boo raft. Our life jackets got heavy, even if they were good for seventy-two hours. I was hanging on the raft, and I looked over to the left and there was a wall, a fairly tall, stone- wall, and I could hear the water lapping against it. I knew that if there was a wall over there, there was sure to be land behind it, and so I started to swim over to it. Then about half an hour later I looked over to the left again, and there was the wall and behind it were some big towers for high-tension wires, and so I knew that this must be near civilization, and so I 29 started for the wall again, and Joudy brought me back again, although I could hear the water lapping against the wall and I knew that it was there.

    I could see the wail, and see the waves hit against it and bounce right back. And each time I started out for it, Joudy brought me back. There was a driver up front, and I asked him 'where are you taking me? We were going to a night club across the lake. Then I smelled some smoke, and I noticed a big hole near me, where guys were going down for a cigarette. I felt awfully much like a cigarette, and I said to Joudy, 'Johnny, I'm going down for a smoke, down to where ail those guys are coming up from smoking. Later he was to die, exhausted, sick, and alone. Izzi saw the wall again, and behind it were the high, electrical towers, just like the ones that run through the woods behind his home in South Barre, and this time there was a lunchroom behind the wall, too.

    It was a white one, the sort of place that sells mainly hamburgers, pie, doughnuts and coffee. Izzi could see fellows coming in and out of the lunchroom, and now and then a truck would stop, the driver would get out, go in and hunch over a stool. Izzi wanted some coffee, and he set out for the stand. Joudy hauled him back. We'll all go over there in the morning. The back half of the ship rose out of the water, and leveled nicely. Izzi watched and he saw men go over to the ship, climb a ladder up to her deck, and there he could see the cook giving them bacon and eggs. I saw the bread on the mess tables, and the cook and the messmen handing out the food, and fellows going and sitting down.

    Maddox, my gunnery officer, who was still hanging on the raft, and asked him if we all couldn't go in and get somethihg to eat, and change our clothes, smoke a cigarette, and then we would all come back out here. He said he didn't think we had better go, and then I asked him how about my cup of coffee. Couldn't we have some messman bring us out one, like he would do if we were out a cold night on watch. Maddox said, 'Tomorrow morning, Izzi, we will all have eggs and coffee. I couldn't see why we shouldn't all go in and get some rest and come back tomorrow and finish the job. Joudy kept me at the raft, holding on to the top of my life jacket and pulling me back whenever I left.

    He was not the only one to suffer from hallucinations. Albert Satterwhite, a North Carolina boy who once had auctioned tobacco, suffered from an illusion which seems to have been fostered by much attendance at movies. The swells really made you think there were hills near-by. He said, 'Come on, we'll go over that hill, and I know some German spies who have a place over there, and I know them pretty well, and they will treat us swell. We'll get us plenty to eat from them, all fixed up. Joudy, at intervals, hold- ing firmly to Izzi's life jacket, would reply, "Stick with us, and tomorrow we'll get all we want.

    He couldn't understand what the voice meant, what he was sup- posed to do when the man called for him to balance whatever it was. Then he saw a man writing figures in a book, and he was puzzled. Once in a while the other guys would see a ship, or a fellow would yell for coffee and butts. Now and then a guy would bump into you on a hatch cover and stick around for a while. A small moon came up, and the phosphorus in the water was like stars, and the stars in the sky were beating down on you, all different colors, like spotlights, and that's what happened all that night, and some time before sunup I came back and I was all right again.

    Shortly before dawn, a star fell, like a ship shooting a flare, and men yelled that a ship had come and was going to save them. Off in the distances, a few men were raving and their wails added a demonic, unreal quality to the night. He was sitting on a hatch cover, riding it like a horse. He had a bamboo pole in his hand, and he stayed close to 34 us on the bamboo raft. If we started to drift apart, one of us would grab the pole and pull him along, or he'd pull us along, I don't know which. He'd say, 'Look out, here comes one!

    The sharks would go off for a while, and then they'd come back, and Mr. Fawks would hit them with his pole and drive them away again. It was cloudy, but every few minutes the sun would come out and burn you. I was hungry as the devil, and sleepy, and thirsty, and all around us was all this cork and wreckage and guys doubled up over pieces of wood. We kept trying to pull in wreckage, but waves would take it away from us. Once in a while we could see a bird, and the day seemed to go like that. We were awfully tired, and it was hard keep- ing to the bamboo raft, and the fellows who were on top wouldn't get off, and we kept asking them to get off and hang on a while, so one of us could rest, but they were too scared.

    That night went on. I would doze off and then wake up and I would still be hanging to the raft, and the life jacket was getting hard around the edges and it cut into my belly. With only their heads out of water, their arms wracked with fatigue, these men somehow stayed alive, helpless, unable to see more than a few feet, with waves washing over them. Shortly before the sunrise that followed the sec- ond night, Ensign Maddox succumbed to illusions, and his particularly able description, helped pos- sibly by his being an experienced speaker and voice teacher, swayed the men with him.

    Maddox, my gunnery officer," Izzi recalled, "said he had noticed a hatch cover near us with some beer in it. All we had to do was find this par- ticular cover, lift it up, and there were three or four cases of beer. Well, Labe and Joudy, and Mr. Mad- dox and me, all separate, leave the bamboo raft and go looking for the beer. Jeez, there I was swimming around, puking once in a while, and trying to find 36 this hatch cover where you could go down below and get some beer. I can't make it! He was off another crew, one of the torpedoed fellows who had been a passenger. The man had cramps, and Izzi told him to kick and somehow they made it to the raft which Izzi had left to search for beer.

    Joudy had gotten back to it. The two men were still there, lying on top; Ensign Fawks was riding his hatch cover, staying by the raft, and another member of Izzi's gun crew, and a roommate named Kacevitch, had joined the raft. Maddox and Labe were gone. Somehow, notwith- standing that there were about three hundred men in the water after the lifeboats had sailed away, the men stayed in groups, subject to some selective caprice of currents. I got a book for him, and I can't let it sink, because I got to get it back to my father.

    Joudy and I got Kacevitch between us and tried to help him. We tried to get the guys on the raft to come over the side and hang on, so we could get Kacevitch up on it so he could rest, but they wouldn't get off. Most of the ones of this kind had been tossed off the ship before she came to a stop after the first torpedo struck her, and had been lost to the men. I started out, and Jeez, it felt like a year. At first I swam directly toward it, and saw I couldn't make it be- cause it was drifting. Then I swam to get in front of it, and figured the current would bring it down to me.

    There were sharks around, and my legs ached, and my life jacket was heavy and hard and giving me cramps, and I never thought I would make it. A man stuck a paddle toward him to help, but Izzi climbed unaided on to the raft and fell across it. Beezley and Hoogendam had been torpedoed once before and had been passen- gers on the vessel. Izzi was to spend months with these four men on that raft. Izzi explained the plight of the men on the bamboo raft, and for a few hours the men tried to paddle the ungainly, rectangular raft toward the bamboo square, but the current forced them apart, and soon the men whom Izzi had left in an attempt to save them were out of sight, among them Emile Joudy, who many times had saved Izzi's life, and Ensign Fawks, who, gaily riding a hatch cover like a horse and wielding a bamboo pole like a lance, had driven sharks away from the men clinging desperately to the frail bamboo.

    Izzi was acquainted with van der Slot, having made the voyage to Egypt and part way back with him. He had seen Beezley and Hoogendam on shipboard but didn't know their names. Hoogendam he remem- bered particularly, because the Dutch boy had tried to come on ship one night with a bottle of beer while Izzi was standing gangway watch. Izzi had refused to let the young man on board, and Hoo- gendam had become quite angry. They were an oddly assorted quintet. Maddox was sensitive, some- thing of an intellectual; Izzi was a husky, intelli- gent, athletic kid; Beezley was a rough and tumble sailor from Hannibal, Missouri, a roisterer; van der Slot was an experienced seaman, of thirty-seven; and Hoogendam was a seventeen-year-old Dutch boy who had escaped from the Nazis and had been a fisherman from the time he was thirteen or four- 40 teen and had only recently become a merchant sea- man.

    Beezley was the first to speak to Izzi, having of- fered him the paddle. Nothing much was said at first, and it is possible that there was a slight tinge of annoyance--nothing stronger-on the part of some of the men at having to thin out the not very apparent comforts of the raft from a four- to a five- way division of food and room. When it was obvious that the men on the raft could not get it over to help any of the men with whom Izzi had spent nearly three days in the water, Izzi and Maddox talked quietly for a while. Mad- dox, who was not clear on the night's events, asked Izzi, "Where were you all night?

    He had been dragged on to the raft a couple of hours before Izzi had reached it. The other three men had been on the raft for more than a day, and were in better shape than either Maddox or Izzi, who, for the first few hours, lay in a half-sleep of exhaustion. The four men broke out some rations for Izzi- a tiny piece of chocolate, a sip of tinned milk, a sea 41 biscuit, and a cup full of water. The raft was about as navigable as a wash tub, yet it was durable and well suited to the purpose for which it was built. It was a crate, eight feet by nine, and built over two, big steel, watertight drums on either end. It was built the same on the bottom as on the top, so that no matter how it was thrown from a ship, it landed right side up.

    There were ledges about two feet wide on the four sides, and in the center was a lower deck space, about five by four feet. In the center of the five-by-four deck was a small hatch which opened into the water below. No part of the raft was solid wood; it was all in slats, but its construction was such that water seldom came up through the bot- tom, although many times it came over the side. The raft rode well in the water, and the men could reach their hands between the slats of the deck and touch water, and if the hatch were open they could put their feet in water. Food and water containers had been stored in the hatch, which could have been reached from either the top or the bottom of the crate, top and bottom being arbitrary terms.

    An inventory showed that on the raft were two flashlights, a larger light which could be used for a running light, a big yellow canvas covering, a smaller piece of cloth, one can of matches, a medical 42 kit with bandages, a bottle of iodine, a tweezer and a pair of scissors; nine cans of milk, a few dozen hardtack biscuits, ten gallons of water and a two- pound can of chocolate. The chocolate came in inch-and-a-half squares. After a conference led by Maddox, the only commissioned officer aboard a point still important with the menit was decided what each man's rations would be for a day: All this having been decided, Izzi slept a while, curled on a ledge of the raft.

    His exhaustion dulled the pain and shock of leaving his companions on the bamboo raft, men with whom he had spent two nights and days of misery which had been height- ened by a strong will and desire to live, a will and wish which was to be destroyed by water and sun for Labe, Kacevitch, Ensign Fawks, and Joudy. Izzi had pleaded that the men on the raft try to reach the bamboo raft. At first some of them demurred, pointing out that there was neither room nor provi- sions for the other men. Then they decided to tow the other raft with a rope, and the five men, ex- 43 hausted as they were, tried frantically to paddle to the men clinging on the flimsy bamboo raft.

    They were unable to make headway, and Izzi knew that Joudy and Fawks, who had saved his life many times in a few hours, were to lose their own. At night the watch was one to two hours; we didn't have any watches that were going, and so we figured that as long as a fellow could keep looking around at night, that was two hours. At night the fellow on watch, about every hour or so, would make a couple of swings with one of the flashlights, so that if any ship was around the people on it could see the light. You know what it was like when you were a kid and you used to think about floating down a river or out to sea, all alone on a raft?

    It seemed kind of like that, with beautiful days, wonderful sunsets and nights with the stars close. On the second day we fed them cracker crumbs, we were that sure of being picked up soon. We thought we were close to land- or else why should all the birds be out there? Espe- cially the little birds. Other birds were white like small sea gulls. Sometimes a bird would rest on the raft and we wouldn't even bother it. We thought it would probably bring us bad luck if we killed and ate them.

    Prostitute in Saint-Basile-Sud

    Except for Maddox, the men on the raft had been workmen, and they observed the courtesy that men in road gangs, factories, mills and on ships show each other. They were helpful, co-operative, and they restrained any curiosity they might feel about the others. No man thought to introduce himself to the others, and it was several days before Izzi knew the names of all of his companions. Names Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud to cause the five men some trouble. I'm not going to lie, Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud a hot mess right now. I don't Couples escorts in saint-basile-sud my shit together. I can assure you, however, I'm totally sweet and harmless!

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