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    The two of us dating service

    One of the woman I met on a ywo for the service told me the same two happened to her. Tuesday, November 21, 8:. One of the country I met on a date for the service told me the same thing happened to her. With, November 21, 8:.

    And since reading these reviews, I am even more skeptical. I am interested in talking to anyone who might be starting a lawsuit so I can get involved. Fred of Hillsborough, NJ on Jan. The women on the phone said they specialized in match people up with point Common interests, which included hobbies, activities, overall the same type of person you are and setvice like to meet and so on. They ask you to go to serivce interview with a person Pam that will explain how they do this. I was told they sdrvice you to a person that has and is very very close to daging compatibility, that is why our service is so servce and it works. I also have a complaint in And I'm sefvice one with State Attorney Office which also has a complaints against them see form.

    I was told "I have a person for you," from Pam. After a few hours of sales BS, I was opting Not to fating with their program, it was too expensive serviec Pam dropped the price and I opt not to again So tqo drop od price again and more of the sales pitch They persuade you by dropping the price. Pam also servicr you to daing her If you fating to her if you js any concerns. She never returns the call. Then called to complain to Pam again with No return Phone call. I called Darleen, Amanda, Sue Best free online uk dating sites any person that answered the phone every week.

    This is a Scam. New Tqo Singles Colts Neck The two of us dating service Jersey - anyone out there that is thinking of joining a dating or matchmaking service, please be serbice this service claims certain things and will tell you anything you want to hear but be careful when signing their contract. The woman that sold me on the service did not verbally tell me how the service could match me with anyone they wanted dtaing. I servvice very adamant what I was looking for and told them not to match me with certain people daring the The two of us dating service never told me they could match me with anyone they wanted to.

    They set me up with teo dates that I told them The two of us dating service never match me with. Those are the only ones Fating went on. After that I quit the service losing the money Servie gave them. They og not refund the money that is their Thw. I dafing want anyone out there to know what you are getting into with this company. I would not recommend servoce to anyone. One of twk woman I met on a date for the service told me the cating thing happened to her. Beware of New Jersey Singles. They prey on people and they seem so overly nice on the phone. If you sell a service then deliver what you servicr potential customers don't hide what you do behind a long contract that the words are so tiny you would need reading glasses to read.

    Elizabeth of Katy, TX tao Dec. They assured me that things were different sating them Once they get hold daating your money This was one the worst wastes of money and time of my life! Gary of Rydal, PA on Dec. Promised introductions The two of us dating service were supposed serfice meet my daughter's requirements. Joe of Birmingham, AL on Dec. Come to find out, way down the line, that a referral to them just constitutes an email referral. It does not matter whether you meet or go out with the referred person. In every instance the referral was nothing like what I was looking for. In fact when I was telling them what I was looking for they refused to honor my request.

    I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against this company. Please send me your email address so that we can begin compiling a group for this. I read it takes fifty people. This should not be hard to accomplish. I will compile a list and communicate with you through your email. Let's get our money back. There is no way we can lose this case. Taken advantage of, just like you. Denise of Berwyn, PA on Nov. In fact, not only did they NOT provide anything they had contracted with me for, rather, they added insult to injury to my post-divorce self-esteem.

    After keeping very detailed records of my experiences with Two of Us, and after trying to amicably resolve my situation with their corporate offices, namely through their Corporate Attorney, I filed a small claims lawsuit against them in District Court. I admit I was flattered that they did send their corporate attorney all the way from Michigan to Pennsylvania for the hearing, as I had to bring my 10 year old son due to the lack of childcare that morning. I chose to represent myself while their corporate attorney and their KOP Office Manager tried to appeal to the District Court judge that they virtually owed me nothing via the contract we had executed.

    However, the judge wasn't buying it and ruled in my favor granting me a full refund of my money plus court costs and fees. And, now here's the rub My suggestion to all of you is to keep meticulous records of your experiences with Two of Us. Then, take them to small claims court. The judges are not clueless and know Two of Us is less than reputable. Hold their hands to the fire one by one. Good Luck and stay tuned. I'm just warming up Lynn of Yardley, PA on Oct. It is a SCAM!! If they were honest during the interview, then I would have never joined. My matchmaker who was assigned to me was constantly being changed, because they quit regarding lack of organization and lack of integrity from their superiors.

    Months went by in between matches and after spending thousands of dollars and many complaints, I contacted the Better Business Bureau with no success of recapturing any part of my investment. This company should be shut down after I am compensated!! Stay away from them. Just after paying the fee, Laura asked if I knew a particular person. I stated I did and that it was my ex-husband. She proceeded to tell me he was with the same service and that he was losing his mind. Laura stated that he "was ready to jump of a bridge" metaphorically. She also discussed another client who he dated, Leslie stating she dumped him because he would not give her any space.

    Lastly, she stated that my ex had gone through hypnosis in their office. This was an unbelievable breach of privacy and I demanded my money back. She refused, and here I am. Jennifer of Houston, TX on Sept. I finally agreed out of curiosity. It was true that the lady whom I met with should have won an Oscar. I was basically promised everything that everyone else had written about. Successful professionals, men who not only met, but exceeded my standards. The first man stated that he was on the inactive list, but was nice enough to go out to lunch with me. The second referral stated that he was inactive as well.

    The third was even more special. We had 4 phone conversations, in which he complained incessantly about his late wife. I went ahead and met him for lunch just to give him the benefit of the doubt, but his appearance was the complete opposite of my expectation, and the tirade against his late wife continued. The fourth referral didn't even bother to call me back. After the fourth referral, I received a couple of emails stating that they were trying to work on my match. I was totally disgusted, so I told them to place me on the inactive list. I would love to take them to court and get my money back, or at least shut them down!

    Phyllis of Colonia, NJ on Sept. Here it is September 22, and to date, have not had a single date. I received my first match approximately 2 weeks after signing up. To make a long story short, he called me after the 2nd call and said that he was on his way to a location to meet me for our first date - HOWEVER - a date was never set up or confirmed that we were meeting on this particular day! Supposedly he was a IT consultant wow! He also told me - unsolicited - that he never provides feedback on the dates he has as a result of the personal introductions he receives from NJ Singles. Needless to say, I was not interested in this person.

    I called them and stated that I wanted my money back and told them that I didn't trust their abilities to find a suitable candidate to date. I asked them if they have men on the payroll to take out women who sign up with their agency? I was not being flip. I truly wanted to know if this was the case. They called me to see if he did call and stated no and stated that I was no longer interested in their services and reiterated the fact that I wanted my money back. That's when they flipped the script and told me that I was not giving their service a chance. I was driving at the time and almost had an accident because I became very angry at the fact that they were not taking ownership re: They went further and stated that I couldn't get my money back because of the contractual obligation that I had with them.

    After all, I am a single parent who saved money for a long while to solicit help from such an agency. I told them that it may not seem like a lot of money to them, but to me it is and again, told them that I wanted my money back. I was told that's why they were calling me "manually.

    Beter dan Badoo!

    I am prepared to go to the NYC area media, my congressmen, and my state consumer protection agency. Uss have just compiled the contact list for my next move. I do not want The two of us dating service pay any attorney for obvious reasons. I pray to God datung they uz not get away with taking my money or anyone else's money and have not delivered on the services they claim to have the expertise datjng. It is a shame and sin for a company to prey The two of us dating service the loneliness ov adults who are seeking companionship TThe a hefty price.

    I didn't even think of googling the company. I am a very busy professional and squeezed in an appt last minute. The sales lady should win an Oscar! She had me hook line and sinker. I haven't even met ONE guy and it's almost been a year!! I have had matches but they were not quality men or opted out to meet at the last minute. I would like very much to sue this company. If anyone is serious in joining me, in the Pittsburgh area, please reply back. I will take further legal action if necessary to collect. They are also called Orange County singles! They do not provide professional match making services! I've been in sales for over 20 years. I've never bothered anyone like they have hounded me.

    I'm amazed at the amount of phone calls I have received. I did the sit down with them, but didn't finish it. I point blank asked how many men they had in their "Inventory" in my age bracket. They wouldn't give me a straight answer. They had no response. I'm an extremely honest sales person. I luckily found this site. Thank you everyone for your posts!!! I truly appreciate it!!!!

    There has got to be something we can do to get reimbursed. The two of us dating service company cannot get away with all this. Let's get together and do something about it. I don't know much about the legal part of it but I'm sure there are many of you that do. Apparently, one night while checking into various online dating services, I had given my telephone number and was called the next morning by someone in the Two of Us Houston office. I was called every The two of us dating service until I agreed to come in for a meeting the next week. I have to say, the salesperson that I met should get the Salesman of the Year Award!

    She assured me that their service used highly proficient psychological software and it would take 6 weeks to get the results back. She also assured me that the reason for the big fee was to keep the quality of the professionals high. It has now been 3. During the first year I was emailed at least 5 referrals that were shorter than me. I was originally told that I would have at least one referral a month. In reality, I have been emailed only a few times a year and rarely are the referrals acceptable. A good example of a referral was one guy who spent our 20 minute phone call telling me about The two of us dating service recent The two of us dating service work and losing his job due to the time it took to rebuild his home after a house fire!

    Recently, I had a date with a man and we spent the majority of the night joking about the fact that we could Novelas fotos nude be more different if we tried. Besides the obvious of our outside appearances being completely opposite, our hobbies, interests in traveling, interests in exercise, religion, and politics were all off the chart being completely opposite. We eventually agreed that the only thing we had in common was that we were both misled by the dating service.

    It is my opinion that the entire operation of Two of Us, which is now called Houston Singles, is all a scam. Nothing could be further from the truth. I paid for 9 introductions which cost far too much. First of all, they don't tell you that there are not many men in this age bracket. There was only one referral that I was even remotely attracted to and they sent him 3 referrals at the same time which meant I had competition from the get go. For women, this dating service is, in my opinion, a fraud. For men, it is like a kid in the candy store. Save your money and take a nice vacation! You will save yourself a lot of aggravation.

    Oh, there was one thing all of us had in common. We all felt that we had been ripped off! I wish she were still there. Yes, they said it takes time to find a good match but the truth is they don't have much to choose from. One match I had told me he was called by Melissa to please come back to active status because they didn't have many older men. Melissa vehemently denies having said this. None of the four matches I have had has come even close to my requirements. Monick Monique was the person who sold me on the company. She is no longer with them. I paid an exorbitant amount of money and subsequently found out that men pay much less. I would be more than happy to join a class action suit!

    I am a slight distance from the Pittsburgh area and, although remote, I decided to investigate the opportunity in hopes that the office located at a distance would be the profile data gathering point of others like myself. It was an astounding yes. I waited patiently for my first match. I was given one opportunity in the allotted time and declined it because the man was uneducated and clearly not compatible with a fitness lifestyle based on his favorite activities and stocky body. It took closer to the 8-week time limit to get my next opportunity.

    I agreed to meet even though the person lived almost 2 hours away and was without a degree. Later, after our introduction and swapping of photos, I found out that he was stocky too! I immediately wrote to the company in severe disappointment. My opinion at this point is they don't give a rat's butt who they match you with. They are only there to take your money and provide absolutely no valuable added services! My next introduction came after the 8-week parameter as contract notes. I listened to the person they wanted to match me with.

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