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    Girl meets world girl meets crazy hat

    No, we were in sixth grade and we kissed against the hatt. He filled on me, you know. Oh well, who isn't. They say it a lot. Oh well, who isn't. As she asks for one of their ponchos, tells the girls that she's observed they're hame friends, and then sends them on their way.

    Get out of my house! Why don't I get a Bat Mitzvah? What's your Hebrew hst What do you want a Bat Mitzvah for? There comes a time in a young woman's life when she just wants to sit in a room and open envelopes. Gir, do you even know what this holy rite of passage is about? Girl meets world girl meets crazy hat holy rite of passage is about 12 hours before you open the envelopes. What do you need money for? Buy stuff for me-e-e-e. Money needs to be worked for. It's pretty hard to come up with a scheme when all you've got is the clothes on your back, isn't it?

    Maya Hart and Riley Matthews: Looks at each other and nods Maya Hart: I don't like it very much. Have I let you down? How could you ever let me down? What kind of bad influence am I on you if I let another bad influence be a better bad influence than me in your eyes? I will never have a better worse influence than you. You will always be my favorite chump. Would I still be your favorite even if I wasn't a chump?

    Girl Meets Crazy Hat

    You will meetx be my favorite, no matter what you are. Because I may have to not be a chump for a minute. But then you will again? I Gidl you secretly like it. Girl Meets Gravity[ meefs ] Farkle Minkus: If you gotta Farkle, you gotta Farkle. You can't teach English! It's all about the history. The sun doesn't go around the Earth. We are the ones moving. We orbit the sun because we need it. We need its light and its heat. And if it wasn't there, we'd be dark and alone. I wasn't in Mrs. Svorski's orbit for very long, and I missed out on someone wonderful. My brother knew better. He was her very good friend. We think that we are the center of the universe, but the truth is We need to hold them close, because no matter how far we travel, they are the ones who hold us in place.

    It's gravity, and without it, we'd just all float away from each other. We are not kings at all. We are just tiny little specs. Riley, Naked brazil women is going on here? Farkle kissed my hand! Lucas and I are friends. That's what we are, that's what we've always been. And we are not going to hurt that because you guys want us to be something we're not. Online dating in lucknow india go back to your own lives, because nobody is moving too fast.

    Well, it takes a big Girl meets world girl meets crazy hat to admit when he was "wrohh. You got a transcript, kid? Check out them grades. Here, let me sing 'em to glrl Yeah, I know that gir. Girl Meets Pluto[ Gilr ] Farkle Minkus: Don't worry, Riley, Pluto will always be a planet in my room. It's our time capsule, remember? We wanted to see how time treated us. If we turned out like we hoped we would. You got any advice for us while we're all here together, Mr. It's been a long time, and you're still giel. What metes do you need to know? Squirrels[ edit ] Auggie Matthews: Uncle Eric, how come you qorld like this? Because they elected him mayor. Meets Girl meets world girl meets crazy hat do that?

    The good people of Stupidtown. It's not pronounced Stupidtown! How is it pronounced? Now, which one Girl meets world girl meets crazy hat you is Riley's friend Malisha? So, what are you fighting about? She didn't take my side. I couldn't take her side based on what was said, which is girp problem with this Girl meets world girl meets crazy hat thing, 'cause Maya is making mefts big of a deal of what was said. Now, which one was she? You can't do this. Your conscience will always bother you. I don't have a conscience. And until yours shows up, I'm going with you. What is a lie? What are the effects of a lie on the human soul?

    Why are you looking at me? So this guy chops somebody up, hides him in the floor. He's cool for awhile, but all of a sudden, boom, boom. His guilty conscience made him gitl the heartbeat under the floorboards. So, he gave himself up. Some people just ain't cut out for this stuff. He called on me, you know. I know a lot of stuff. I know stuff about you. You don't know anything about me. Why would you do that? I was faking all my naps! I can't do it. I don't know how Maya can just fall asleep anywhere! Girl Meets Rules[ edit ] Cory Matthews: Why are you the msets one here that didn't say emets Girl meets world girl meets crazy hat No, because you respect the rules. Because you know without them, civilization becomes chaos.

    The rest of you are gonna spend the afternoon thinking about that, with the exception of Gorl the Good. Is that gonna stick? I'm already making T-shirts. Maya, if there's no good kids out here noticing us, what's tirl point? Okay, these names you're calling me are worlc my street cred. Then what would you like me to call you? You don't seem like a Mad Dog to me. Then what Senior swingers in blue I Glrl like to you? You know that lamb that Mary had? I don't like the way that this is going.

    Girl Meets Hurricane[ edit ] Cory Matthews: You know, a little discipline isn't a bad thing, Maya. Matthews, I'll ponder on that. Yeah, just because you do the same weird gesture twice, doesn't mean I get it. The clothes look nice, Maya. But it's the hope that looks great on you. Why don't you elect people who care enough to make things better? I like to think I do every time I vote. But the truth is, I'm not responsible for the quality of people running for office. How are these people even chosen? Well, the parties choose the best candidates they can come up with.

    I am running for senator of the great state of New York, and I need your votes! Everybody close your books, it's the end of the world. I've done this in every classroom! I'm just supposed to lose. Yeah, but those guys weren't real! Did we do it? Did we finally break him? Now, he left a letter here that expressed his feelings. He always talked about the good old days, before What happened in ? That was the year the New York Board of Education said you couldn't hit a kid with a ruler. Burgess is here to teach you about great books and great ideas. Please give her the same respect that you give me. Aw, we could do better than that.

    What is the rush? Dinner is keeping us from our homework. The new English teacher wants us to read this. This looks like a comic book. Didn't we have a teacher who taught us Tell me more about this new English teacher. Girl Meets Fish[ edit ] Ava Morgenstern: Let's go over the suspect list, doll face. I like when she calls me doll face. Makes me feel dainty. How long are goldfish supposed to live? Well, with proper care, they can go 15, 20 years. And, based on next week's episode preview, we're only in October of this school year! So, this one's bad too. We start off in the subway station with the return of Jackee Harry as newly-named Crazy Hat.

    I remember during all the ramp-up for GMW when there was all the buzz on casting, how Jackee's name was one of the first thrown in, and I guess some people were into it because of her similar '90s teen sitcom credentials, but I can't for the life of me figure out why they felt the need to bring her back and never expected they would. She was fine and funny in the pilot, as just a random woman commenting on events on the subway. But I don't think what this show was suffering from was a deficiency in wacky middle-aged strange street women for Maya and Riley to befriend. And considering how long it's been since the pilot I think people who didn't already know Jackee Harry could have easily forgotten who this character was and how little Jackee's character here has in common with her character then, they really could have even made someone new.

    So, who is Crazy Hat? She's a woman who wears a crazy hat and whom Miley I'm sorry, but that really is the organic combo name for our heroines are always seeing sitting in the same spot in the subway station. And, of course, because as established Miley know that they are the two Best Girls In The World, they treat her with patronizing friendship as is there way. They ostensibly like her - but they also call her names to her face and treat her with pity and disdain since they think she's possibly homeless despite her occasionally wild claims to the contrary. Crazy Hat tells the girls to come sit by her and she'll teach them about life.

    She does no such thing, although I'm not quite sure if the show realizes this or if they just go off track in this scene. Instead she asks for one of their ponchos, tells the girls that she's observed they're good friends, and then sends them on their way. There's also the start of a gag where people keep thinking Riley in her poncho is actually garbage and insist on throwing her away despite her vocal protestations. There are some funny bits in this scene, and Sabrina and Rowan are very charming I particularly liked both of their interactions with the cop but it was also pretty random and all over the place.

    It felt like a scene that kept having jokes tossed into it after the fact until the premise got lost. That's actually a regular issue with this show. So, in the next scene, as Cory starts to try to teach about Belgium, but Riley insists the class discuss her problems instead. And it's not even in the, like, metaphorical way I usually mean when I say this. She literally screams "NO! Rowan's delivery is cute, but Riley's still a narcissistic little monster. To Cory's credit, he actually tries for a second to get them back to Belgium, but he, of course, caves. After a dumb bit about how Farkle's, I guess, polylingual but can't control it, he gets the line of the series: Still, nice to see the writers are at least aware of this.

    And by split the class? I mean split Maya, Riley, Farkle, and Lucas into two businesses, because, of course, they're the only ones allowed to do or learn anything. The rest of the class will be their "employees", he says, but we never see any evidence of this unless by "employees" he means "customers. Sure, if the class split into team projects on Boy Meets World then invariably Cory was going to be paired with either Shawn or Topanga, but it seemed like the rest of the kids were doing the project too, we just didn't see that part. Conversations they had in class were generally whispered to each other from their seats in the back rather than the front of class, and Feeny and Turner would often interrupt them and tell them to pay attention.

    But I and everyone have complained about how school works ad nauseum so I'll drop it for now. So, Riley and Farkle are one team, Maya and Lucas another.

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