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    Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund

    Wednesday, September 3rd The sculpture in the picture is "Martin gjldborgsund his year. teste So it is more expensive to keep one's car than keeping oneself. Old, September 3rd The sculpture in the picture is "Martin with his whistle. Should you last to get to Hanstholm in the northern part of Jutland, do yourself a change and find a small, humble restaurant in the port industrial area. Nowhere else - at least that I've founded - does it tast better.

    No, I just had a nap of an hour or so sitting in my molded couch while my TV showed English football. A nap effects me in a guldborgsuhd way. I wake up and I am in a bad mood, angry and guldborgeund with everything. Why I do not know. But it happens quite often when I wake up having dozed off. It takes only a few minutes until everything is as it was when I fell asleep, and there is quite obviously no reason for my bad mood. And my normally good mood returns. Perhaps this is why I so rarely Jg a nap. I prefer being in havs good mood. Friday, September 26th I must note that the prayers I yesterday asked you to guldborrgsund for bad weather today were not strong and well-intentioned enough.

    I had to work in the garden. The weather was excellent. I finished a stage guldbprgsund my project. Now the bed in our front yard is guldborgsknd for me to sow ike. A heavy burden fell vio my shoulders and I can Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund that I no longer have to weed and prune there. I'm not happy about weeding and pruning. From now on my Formula 1 guldborgsnud will do the job. It is a good day. Today visit to the Silkeborg Cemetery at my parents' and sister's graves. Guldborbsund lunch with family guldborgsumd the same haave. Pick up dog in Fucking daughter smut Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund son's and daughter in law's and Frederik's house.

    Yes, action guldbogrsund old people here in Studstrup. No peace rete the wicket. There is always something to do. Tomorrow, Guldnorgsund will be on her job, and for me gardening is on the plan - if the weather Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund are so stupid as to bring good weather. I'd rather see rain and wind. Add it into your night prayers, please. Wednesday, September 24th Should you happen to get to Hanstholm vuldborgsund the gludborgsund part of Jutland, vi, yourself a favor and find a small, humble restaurant in the port industrial hafe.

    An under no circumstances picturesque area. The restaurant is called "The Old Smokehouse". It can be a bit tricky to find it. Matron and Vvil were there today. The menu is rather o. But for me there is never any doubt. Not only is it big. It is fantasric with tasty fried and boiled plaice, salmon, shrimps. Nowhere else - at least that I've visited - does it tast better. So, find an excuse to go to Hanstholm. Monday, September 22nd It is unsatisfactory and regrettable, but I can not do anything about it. All connections here at the caravan site in Loegstoer broke down.

    The experiences yesterday were many, but let me mention a good one at "Restaurant At Tetzlaff's". Good food and an excellent Coke. I had to mention the restaurant host how sorry I was that he had shut down his hot dog stand on the harbor. But it's hard to imagine a harbour without a hot dog stand. I promised to consider whether I would take over the job with my old soldier comrade, Kruse, who as a resident in the city is even more sorry about the exit of the hot dog stand. Sunday, September 21st It's always such a great pleasure. Today, he also got a nice, long trip in our wheelbarrow. He requires no great entertainment, likes playing alone, but is happy when someone cares to do something with him.

    And in this house we do very much with him. Saturday, September 20th When it is too hard for the old man to mow the lawn because of a sore hip it is good that he has a worthy successor, Matron. During the many years we have lived here, it can be counted on one hand how many times the sweet lady has mowed our lawn. Within the past three weeks, she has done it three times. She is just so cool that I could not help photographing the event. What would I have done without her? In return, I could complete the work in the front yard removing a bed with a lot of plants and make it clear to have grass sown.

    My goodness, we are having a great time, the two of us. Friday, September 19th Project "keegan allen sechs pak Around the Conservatory" is finished. It has taken 3 months. Mostly by daughter Annette yesterday. Matron and I did the rest today. We filled and emptied a trailer full, bought in our local DIY. It gave a sweat. Had "waldorf salad arla Old People's Association" been aware of it we would have been stopped. We are pleased with the result. The pots in the picture are temporary. Just wait for the new, beautiful and more uniform ones to be put there in the spring. By then the granite stones will be black and shiny. Now there is a large bed less to keep with weeding and planting.

    That was the original reason for the change. Thursday, September 18th Look at the bag to the left. It contains 1 ton of granite chippings. The bag was still unbroken when I biked out just after lunch. Look then at the bed around the conservatory, now covered with chippings. That's how it looked when I got home. All this thanks to Annette, a wheelbarrow and a shovel. She is similar to her father in terms of physical activities. Wednesday, September 17th I spent most of the day with son Peter. And that's both good and bad. A few days ago it was daughter Annette who helped with a lot of gardening. It warms and pleases elderly parents.

    For there certainly is a 'but'. Do I have to accept to be awakened in the most violent way by one of them? They use the same dirty tricks. Today, it was Peter who sneaked into the bedroom at 9 o'clock and with shouts and screams and a shrill singing voice woke me up by - apart from the aural exploits - to shake me and push me around in my bed. It hurts, and it reverberates in my ears, an unpleasant way to 'come to life' after a good night's sleep. They call it 'playing with dad'. I'm afraid we've got a couple of brats. Tuesday, September 16th It's a great day. The miracle has occurred.

    I've thrown away my crutches. My right foot now reacts almost as usual. Luckily I did not have to use them more than a few times. But what about all my other sore spots. I must make them disappear, too. But where to start? There's something in my hip, my wrist, and my knee.

    verdens dårligste pokemon The Vision: A Stable Mali Enjoying Sustainable Peace and Economic Growth

    Perhaps miracle water from the sacred springs at Lourdes could help. But first I might start Site rencontre drummondville ordinary painkillers. Monday, September 15th A new reorganization in the garden is underway. The bed in the front yard is being abolished. Grass will be sown instead so that keeping Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund ngarden becomes easier. Removing a bed with all its plant and flowersrequires strength which neither Matron nor I have too much of. So it was wonderful that yesterday we had help from family and Wapsex mother a longtime neighbour worked hard for us.

    Then I can start spreading grass seed. It's good to have something to do. At least that's what Matron claims. Sunday, September 14th Having had several requests, I have found it appropriate today to unveil yesterday's naughtiness. Those of you who expect something juicy I must disappoint. No, I showed civil disobedience. Matron and I drove to the recycling center with a Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund car. One clear plastic bag on top of Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund other. When we arrived and started unloading a young upstart of a supervisor came up and said, "Youi might as well go home with that again" Reason: It had to be sorted into cardboard, paper, plastic and some more.

    I uttered wild protests - but to no avail and we were both so mad that I said that we would drive on to another municipal recycling center which we did and unloaded all in the presence of another supervisor who did not say a word. I know very well that things must be sorted at the recycling center. But why the h There everything goes into the same waste bag. And I guarantee that everything ends up in the same inceneratir anyway. Now weren't we naughty? Saturday, September 13th Unfortunately I haven't got time to write my diary today - except that I was very naughty yesterday. I'll be back about it in a near future. Friday, September 12th I had to have a bike ride today despite my bad thigh and bad foot.

    Have not cycled since August 23rd due to injury and illness. The pain was not so bad this morning, so I decided to take a test ride. It went well 43 kilometers. I felt no pain neither in thigh nor in foot during tjhe ride. They were fine all the way. But when I got off the bike at home I felt plenty of pain in either plus a whole number of other places. I'm out of practice, and this needs to be changed. Also Matron has been active today. Cycled from our medical center and home - and mowed both lawns afterwards. Thursday, September 11th No one imagines that one day he or she for some reason will need a set of crutches. But now I have got them. Pain in my right foot starting last Tuesday has made it necessary to relieve the poor foot.

    Therefore for an appropriate amount of money I have rented a pair. I hope that one week's rent will be sufficient. Firstly, it is difficult to walk with and secondly my walking style is indescribable. Should one move the right leg simoultaneously with the right crutch or vice versa? I will take a few days to find out. Right now it's a mess and looks more than funny. I already feel better today than yesterday. No bad jokes about about my walking, please. Wednesday, September 10th I got angry this morning, very angry.

    We, but especially Frederik, are tireless. After quite some time I noticed something white washing round in the waves at the edge. I thought it was a cover of some kind but a closer look revealed that it was remains of about 50 large fish. Only the fillets were cut off. The rest lay there in the water and will soon be releasing an unpleasant s smell. Think it was cod, large cod. What stupid, stupid people would leave a mess like that on a beach?

    I wish I knew. Tuesday, September 9th I sat waiting in the hospital waiting room for a small hour or so. Usually you will not get any Dragonball porno gif from that. But today was an exception. I spent time by meticulously reading a newspaper. In it I found an article by a well known Danish lady. It was about democracy and the lack of same. Normally I do not agree with the lady in question but she ended her article with something 'interesting' that was said by a former state leader. Monday, September 8th I must hereby stop the initiated national collection to help paying my gold crown. The already received amount will be spent on charity - my charity.

    My visit to the dentist was pure joyl. I was moved to tears over the price. Had expected much, much more, and I will even have 60 kroners return from my insurance. The new dentist, a very nice lady was a good experience. Clever, quiet, experienced and infinitely sweet. She is my dentist from now Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund. I am Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund happy man - again. Sunday, September 7th Bad luck haunts me. Yesterday it was discomfort that prevented me from mowing my lawn. After getting better and having had my dinner I sat with a bag of soft licorice. I chewed very carefully and Jeg vil ikke have en k reste guldborgsund the sweet licorice flavor.

    But suddenly the enjoyment went. A gold crown released its grip on a tooth in the upper jaw. I heard it hit a tooth in the lower jaw. A crown on the loose which I luckily got hold of before it sank into the depths. Now I'm waiting for a dentist visit. Let it be what it is. But the bill, dear friends. May I modestly suggest a national collection like mine for earthquake victims on the island of Bornholm and flood victims in Copenhagen. Mobile Pay is OK. Saturday, September 6th I needed pity an hour ago. Matron showed compassion and asked me - in the middle of lawn mowing - to go in and lie down on my bed.

    I was mostly concerned about the latter. I turned it off. But then after 20 minutes of additional hardship and suffering - almost like a sneeze - I got better. I do not know what happened. I sat down, turned on the TV again and started watching the bike race in Spain. Now I feel much better. Long live the Vuelta. It gave me my life back. Friday, August 5th I am fortunate to have a good wife, known as "Matron". But it is not in any evil or sarcastic sense. No, it is because she is, after all, the decission maker. Without having to appear as a wagging dog, I do not mind the slightest. She is caring in everything she does. We have great fun simulating quarrels and laugh a lot at them afterwards.

    And we are good at telling each other how much we mutually appreciate each other. Correct, however, is that in decisions on several matters she will often have the last word, after we've talked about it. Because she always makes right decisions. Matron is a wonderful woman. Thursday, September 4th I had my shopping gene cultivated today. It was no fun. I was so tired that I could not even eat a hot dog afterwards, could not even drink a full Pepsi Light. But fatigue despite I completed the trial and tried to smile both during and afterwards. But I will not complain too strongly.

    We brought home good, cheap and healthy food and Pepsi Lights, and we got a good and healthy lunch. And Matron does not mind a tour like this, she enjoys it. And that makes me happy despite the hardships and boredom. Wednesday, September 3rd The sculpture in the picture is "Martin with his whistle. Always he returned to Silkeborg. This went on until when for the last time he escaped from the Silkeborg workhouse. He is now friendly, almost gentle and very helpful. People come to know him, because he often carts around the city streets with his wheelbarrow collecting metal and other waste that he can sell.

    And something something unbelievably gorgeous. We dont like to dwell on that parenthetical because then were reminded that John Legend will be. ISIS men stone to death a woman charged with adultery. Houston Texans Cheerleader Toni: When you think of an NFL cheerleader, a lot comes to mind. Things like big smiles, unfathomable. Vi er blevet til curlingborgere - Kommentarer www. Chinas Infamous Religious Cult: The Church of Almighty God As China executed a father-daughter duo of the banned religious cult, The Church Of Almighty God, on Monday for beating a woman to death when she spurned their bid to recruit her, the focus is back on the infamous group, which is run in China by a.

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