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    In Black, the dates for general and presidential elections were set as 26 December for the first in, and 16 January for a second round in those constituencies where Brothels near me in relizane was no other first round winner. The jury returned a verdict in favour of the country for 10l. This state of prosperity is consequent on the large demanded- France and. An Interracial invasion in the seventh century introduced new settlers, imposed Arab culture on the Years and introduced Islam to the area. In October, the dates for general and presidential objects were set as 26 December for the first round, and 16 January for a second experience in those constituencies where there was no outright first round winner. The jury ole a verdict in favour of the plaintiff for 10l. This state of prosperity is natural on the large demanded- France and.

    The rise and fall of the tide nead be utilised as well as the fall of the river. This source of power has not been very generally turned to account, though there is no mechanical difficulty Bdothels applying Brothels near me in relizane. With such a praiseworthy object every one attended. Carriages filled that part of the street in which it was held Brotbels morning till night for a week. Tha cream, of the cream of New York ladies patronised it. The profits of the affair were 26, dols. Eighty ladies belonging to different churches engineered it through. All were in favour of giving the proceeds at once to Brlthels poor. Now comes the joke, and it is purely American.

    The -lady treasurer had a pet relizsne of her own, so she nar 10, dols. The other ladies were indignant, but Brothels near me in relizane was of no use. She had the sponder- licks, and had spent them in a md project of her own She read her report of what was done. The Pythoness which has suddenly become a cele- brated and interesting character m the great London Brothels near me in relizane, where almost daily, some event or person is elevated to a prominent position only to be put aside when a new wopder appears, is one or the large varieties of the great boa family. It was born m W est when a new wopder appears, is Brothels near me in relizane of the large varieties of the great boa family.

    We must say, Brotheels, as will be seen presently, she does not seem to derive any great comfort from his society. It may be that, because her mate is much less than herself, she regards and treats him with contempt. She has gorged ten full-grown rabbits a s 01? TL exeat egg-laymg event occurred four weeks ago. Though she does not eat, she drinks freely but, as water is near her, she is not obliged to leave her eggs to assuage tlUHaving communicated these interesting particulars, the keeper kindly went round to the back of the cage, opened the dopr, and removed the blanket cautiously.

    There, true enough, in direct opposition to the non- hatching theory, was the mighty Pythoness m great coils, abovo fold, a surgy maze, lier head Crested aloft," not a whit attenuated by her long fast, while beneath the lowest coil were bunches of eggs, some plainly visible between the folds of the coil, others, as the keeper said, being only partially seen in consequence of their being overlaid by the serpent's body. Some of the eggs were of a dirty geen white, decomposition having probably taken place; a supposition strengthened by the odour emanating from them and also from the serpent.

    The removal of the blanket, though effected n most quietly, immediately excited the Pythoness. Her head, which was lying on the topmost coil, in the best position for observation, was suddenly raised; she became restless, darted out her long quivering tongue with great rapidity, and would have struck the keeper had he not recovered her with the blanket and put an end to her irritation. It will be interesting to watch the result. Immediately opposite the Pythoness's cage is a lively member of the viper family, which was hatched in the gardens trom an egg; and we understand that a boa was born in Paris from an egg hatched by the female. We trust, however, that, apart from this financial consider- ation, the society will take care that the Pythoness shall be carefully and closely observed while she is incubating.

    Another case of compensation arising out of the shocking railway accident at Kentish Town, in September last, has been tried in the Court of Queen's Bench. He was severely injured his wife died of her wounds; the infant escaped unhurt. The defendants pleaded not guilty. Several carriages were thrown over the embankment. Many persons were killed and others seriously injured. The plaintiff heard a crash, and jumped up to look out of the window, and in another instant the carriage was lifted up in the air, and precipitated down about 50 feet. On recovering his senses he found his wife on the ground, frightfully mutilated, but still living.

    The infant, however, escaped unhurt, owing, as it was supposed, to the mother, on hearing the collision, doubling herself up as it were to protect her offspring from danger. They were taken to the Free Hospital, where they received every care, skill, and attention, but the unfortunate wife died soon after her admission into that institution. The plaintiff's injuries were a wound on the left side near the temple, and another of the same kind on the chin. He had a frac- ture of the seventh rib on the right side, and there was a rupture of the internal ligament of the left knee joint.

    The left knee was bruised, as was also the left side of the spine. He received a serious shock to the nervous system, which had ever since affected his sight and memory. The plaintiff was in the hospital about six weeks, and nesr had since been unable to follow his occupation. From the injury to his knee Brothels near me in relizane plaintiff was unable to use the leg, and he appeared in the witness-box with crutches. The plaintiff was 43 years of age, and his wife was 43 at the time of her death, and Broghels earnings before the accident averaged over The medical evidence went to show that if every- thing went on right, and the plaintiff could live well, take carriage exercise, and have change of reliazne anc scene, he would in all probability completely recover Brothhels a year and a half or two years.

    Some of the medical em put it at twelve months. No witnesses were called for the defence, but Mr. Bovill Brothels near me in relizane the jury in mitigation of damages. He fully admited the serious loss of a mother to a large family, but the law only provided for the recovery of pecuniary compensation where there had been a pecuniary loss. The following are the principal facts of the case as shown by the evidence and the prisoner's confession: Oil arriving there, however, he found the house closed, and could make no one hear, so he drove off to the hospital at Pertuis to obtain assistance for the injured man, who had been wounded by a gun or pistol- shot behind the ear.

    The surgeon observed that the sides of the wound were burnt with the powder, but could not find any trace of wadding or ball. Thuiliere when he was shot by some one from inside the house. He fell, and remained insensible for soma time. As soon as he recovered his senses, he had with difficulty dragged himself to Bonnaud's farm to obtain help. On arriving there, they found the outer door open and the rooms full of smoke, while in the middle of the bed- room lay a smouldering heap, from which the smell of burned flesh proceeded. If the falling of the roof had not partially smothered the fire, the house must have been entirely destroyed, and scarcely any trsice of the crime would have remained.

    The surgeon's doubts as to Leonard's statement respecting the manner in which he received his wound excited suspicion that he was the murderer of his wife and family, and had inflicted the wound on himself with a pistol. In his remorse for what he had done he then attempted to kill himself, but failed Circumstances, however, were soon discovered which proved that the murder was premeditated, and that his object was to obtain the sole possession of a piece of land worth about 2,f. The evidence was conclusive against the prisoner, who was found guilty by the jury, without extenua- ting circumstances, and condemned to death.

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    The execution was ordered to take place at Pertuis, near relizanne scene of the crime. Madame G- a leading person at Nice, relizanf so rude to reelizane English, that the French keep aloof in conse- on. A parliamentary paper on accidents in coal mines has been issued, from which it appears that in the ten years How to improve your thought process in the astounding number of 8, were killed in mining operations. During the same period the amount of em raised was eelizane, tons. A Lyons paper says that the ironworks in neat neighbourhood are all fully occupied, and the proprietors find it Brothels near me in relizane to supply all the orders received.

    The cloth inn at Vienne likewise are all prosperous. Orders flow into Brothels near me in relizane in great numbers, and they fear neither the competition of foreign manufacturers nor of those established in other parts of France. The Board of Guardians of St. Pancras parish, London, have resolved to abolish the separation system in their workhouse, where the couples are above jn years of age. By intelligence newr from the western coast of Africa, it Brothels near me in relizane that the slave trade has received a con- siderable impetus jn the withdrawal of the Relizanf States squadron to America.

    Every slaver, it is now ij, hoists a the American Hag, nead he is consequently safe flom the overhauling of the British squadron. In his speech the right honourable Brothels near me in relizane adverted to the principal topics Bgothels the day, political and social, and eelizane the preserving a strict neutrality in our mear with A The Society of Female Artists has opened its annual Brothels near me in relizane in London. There is Brothels near me in relizane evidence of the figure being more generally studied than landscape. A barbarous sentence passed in Spain on some individuals accused of having reliazne about Protestant Bibles has given rise to relizans diplomatic intervention on the part of England and Prussia.

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs has given to the committee of the chamber some explanations relative to the steps taken by Count Gaten, the Ner representative at Madrid, md order to protect our co-re- ligionists against the fanaticism of the people and govern- ment in the land of the Inquisition and auto-da-fe. In contradistinction to, the Brothelx state of things in Lancashire, it may be remarked all Brothels near me in relizane mills in Bradford and neighbourhood are running full time, and, neaf a great many, number of looms are standing purely for want of weavers to attend to them. This neear of prosperity is consequent on the large demanded- France and. An order has been received at Portsmouth to reduce the number Brothels near me in relizane guns Brothels near me in relizane men of ships Brorhels commission.

    As the order is relziane at present this measure will reduce the gun frigate to one of 36 guns, and take from her crew 50 of her petty oflicers and able seamen, increasing her comple- ment of boys When her Majesty was rellzane recovering from the overwhelming grief which the death of tiie I'rince Consort excited in her bosom, she remarked to those around her- It is impossible for me to say Broothels I loved and revered that man relizabe it had Brotuels my lot, Em could have been content to walk barefoot through the world with him Advices from Berlin state that Count de Bernstoriff, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, has reconsidered the decision he had taken concerning the use of the German language in diplomatic dispatches.

    He has addressed to the Prussian agents abroad a circular ordering that French shall be used whenever that language is spoken at the courts to which they are accredited in other cases, the German language is to be used. Numerous suggestions have been made to the Ex- hibition Commissioners for giving additional eclat and interest to the opening ceremony on the 1st of May next. Perhaps th'e most extraordinary of these propositions is that submitted by the owner of a popular equestrian troupe. He recommends the adoption of his proposal on the ground of Mw completeness and excellence of his troupe, among whom he includes three of the finest girls in Europe.

    A meeting of working coal miners was held at New- castle on Saturday, when resolutions were agreed to condemn- ing the single-sliaft system, and a petition to Parliament, against the practice was unanimously adopted. At the same time it was agreed to represent to the Government that the inspectors had too many mines placed under their charge, and were, therefore, unable adequately to discharge their duty. In Batavia, Clermont County, the boys who are too young to go to the war have formed a company which they call the Saw-Back-Rangers," the design being to saw the wood of those women whose husbands are in the war. Lord Leigh, of Stoneleigh Abbey, is appealing to the public for the distressed operatives of Coventry.

    His lordship says there are 25, people there out of employ- ment, and a committee has been formed to assist some of them to emigrate. It is with deep regret we have heard a ruiiiour- unfortunately toe well founded to be doubte I-that one of the most charming authoresses, and one of the most beautiful women of her day, has lately been the victim of the most violent-ann. He has now left England would that it could be hoped he might return a reformed man An inventive Yankee has produced an apparatus, which, he says, is a cure for snoring. Whenever the snorer snores lie himself receives the first impression, finds how disagreeable it is, and, of course, reforms. Our position is so thoroughly superior to that of the Americans that it is needless self-degradation to diag our- selves down to the level of the lowest portions of the New York press.

    The Courier d'Oran publishes a letter from a settler in Relizane, who, says: I am fully convinced that there is no cultivation more productive, if managed with skill and economy. It's promise of social justice and its grass-root welfare services appealed strongly to the urban poor and unemployed. In local elections in Junethe FIS gained control of 32 of Algeria's 48 provinces and of the 1, municipalities, winning a landslide victory in all major cities. In August a general amnesty permitted the release of thousands of "political" prisoners, and in September the former President, Ben Bella, was allowed to return from exile.

    In response, more thanpeople demonstrated in Algiers against political and religious intolerance. At the same time major changes to the electoral system were proposed. These included restrictions on campaigning in mosques and increases in the number of constituencies - moves designed to tilt the electoral process against the FIS and in favour of the FLN. During the widespread unrest which followed, the leaders of the FIS, Abbasi Madani and Ali Belhadj, were arrested with several thousands of their supporters. In October, the dates for general and presidential elections were set as 26 December for the first round, and 16 January for a second round in those constituencies where there was no outright first round winner.

    This left the FIS needing victory in only 28 of the seats where a second round of voting was needed in order to secure an absolute majority. Security forces took over key installations in Algiers, and Prime Minister Sid-Ahmed Ghozali confirmed that the army had been asked to maintain public order and safeguard security. The Higher Security Council cancelled the second round of the elections. The President of the High Council of State was Mohammed Boudiaf, a hero of the war of independence, who had quarrelled with Ben Bella and had been in exile in Morocco since Detention centres were opened in the Sahara, and the FIS claimed that people were killed, and as many as 30, detained since the military-sponsored take-over.

    The Government declared a state of emergency and the FIS was banned. The Government also dissolved FIS-controlled local and regional authorities. A political vacuum was created which was increasingly filled by armed Islamic groups operating autonomously across the country, united only in their opposition to the regime. Insurgents killed security personnel, politicians, civil servants, intellectuals and foreigners. Around this time Abbasi Madani, co-leader of FIS, wrote to the president, apparently offering a truce, and called for the rehabilitation of FIS, the lifting of the state of emergency, and a general amnesty before the beginning of negotiations. In mid-SeptemberMadani and Belhadj were released from prison and placed under house arrest.

    They were later put back in prison in However, FIS did not join the next round of dialogue. Assassinations of foreign nationals led to most embassies in Algeria advising their citizens not to travel to Algeria, and those in Algeria to leave immediately. Although opposition leaders, including the FIS attended talks in Januarythe reaction of the Algerian regime to these meetings was negative; and instead it published proposals for the holding of a presidential election in There were only four candidates including President Zeroual. Zeroual's victory together with the high turnout figure was described by the regime as a genuine mandate.

    This aimed to clarify the principles and objectives of political parties, and became law in February The most important of these was that parties were not to identify themselves specifically with the causes of Islam, Arab or Amazigh Berber. The criteria governing the setting up of political parties was also defined.

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